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The Level 1 AFNA Beer Certified™ Exam is finally here!


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what's in the AFNA Beer Certified™ Exam

overview & learning objectives

Level 1: AFNA Beer Certified™ & AFNA Wine and Spirits Certified™ exam 

This training and exam will deliver and certify knowledge in the following aspects of AF/NA beer, wine, and spirits:

1. Become conversant in the standardized language of alcohol-free and non-alcoholic adult beer/wine/spirits/cannabis beverages including key flavor words and core offerings.

2. Master the understanding of how these beverages are presented, handled, sold, and served from their alcoholic counterparts.

3. Learn the most common ways the flavor of AF//NA beer/wine/spirits/cannabis can be compromised and how to prevent that from happening or to be aware of its ability to happen in production and service.


Prerequisite: None

Exam cost: $69

Studying time recommended: 3-4 weeks


exam details

|| Score of 80% required for certification (2 attempts allowed, open notes acceptable)

|| Exam details: AFNA Beer Certified™ candidates will be tested on the following topics related to NA and AF beer:

Definitions of NA and AF Beer

History of NA and AF Beer

General Food Safety of NA and AF Beer

Ingredients and Styles of NA and Af Beer

Sensory Attributes and Evaluation of NA and AF Beer

Market, Labeling, and Service of NA and AF Beer

Principles of Mindful Drinking: Marketing & Serving NA & AF Beers

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|| 10% of proceeds will be donated to Transcending Trauma, an organization helping beverage industry workers affected by gender-based abuse heal from within, as they become trained in Transcendental Meditation® to reduce stress in their lives and discover their inner truth, wisdom, intuition, on their journey back to themselves.

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