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The world's first alcohol-free & non-alcoholic adult beverage professional training and certification program

The AFICIONADO™ Certification Program certifies and educates beverage professionals in order to enhance the awareness and experience of AFNA™ beer, wine, and spirits for consumers.


our mission

We are here to educate non-alcoholic adult beverage professionals and enthusiasts and grow the category, supporting a movement of people that want flavorful alternatives and great drinking experiences. 

We also view non-alcoholic beverages as socially sustainable, and a portion of exam proceeds supports others in need of relief from trauma, stress, and burnout in the alcoholic beverage industry.


get AFNA Beer Certified

A comprehensive training and certification program on alcohol-free and non-alcoholic (AFNA™) beer ingredients, sensory, production, handling, and service to market trends and distribution. 

The AFNA Beer Certified™ Program is for brewers, suppliers, distributors, taprooms, educators, hospitality companies, influencers, solo advocates, and press. 

We offer our programs as educational tools for our partners, and become educators for the program and share in the opportunity together. Reach out to us for more information, 

get in touch with us for training 

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